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Laser Treatment

On June 7, 2017

Laser Treatment


Pearl Fusion, a single treatment combination of confluent and fractional ablative resurfacing which provides more complete results with superior patient satisfaction. Pearl Fusion defines a new gold standard for resurfacing solutions – especially for deep, resistant wrinkles. Pearl fractionated treatments are especially good for treating areas around the eyes, mouth and jawline – where small stubborn fine lines and wrinkles can form.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pearl Fractional laser is ablative fractional resurfacing, single treatment laser designed to improve imperfections due to aging and possible sun damage. Pearl Fractional is one of the most safe, pleasant patient experiences which offers low recovery time. Overall patients will notice smoother and bright complexion.

The procedure consists of a laser creating tiny holes in the top layer of skin with pulses of light. A portion of the skin surface is gently removed and an all-natural protective dressing is formed in its place. Overall the process will improve sun-damaged tissue, skin imperfections and stimulates the growth of healthy new skin full of collagen.

After the treatment is complete, the skin feels similar to sunburn. It’s important to apply ointment to the skin to keep it moist and healthy for at least 3-4 days following treatment. Sunscreen can not be worn during this time so it’s advised to stay out of direct sunlight and wear protective clothing. Make-up can be worn 3 days after the procedure and by the fourth the top layer of skin peels off revealing new, healthy, vibrant and younger looking skin.

Great Treatment For

The warm golden cast of the sun is very alluring and many people can’t resist spending hours beneath its glow, but not all of the sun’s rays are pleasing. Ultraviolet (UV) light, the invisible but intense rays of the sun cause damage to your skin. Some of those harmful effects – such as suntan or sunburn – are visible right away.

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Ageing is a normal and inevitable part of life that affects us all. As we age, skin cell turnover slows from a normal cycle of 24-28 days to as many as 38 days. The result is a thicker epidermis (top layer of the skin) and a thinner dermis, which is where the elastic fibres and collagen are found. This shows a thinner, dryer skin with wrinkles, furrow and dry patches that can be crepe like and sag.

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