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Face forward is a unique concept that aims to provide a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. We offer a complete range of medical cosmetic services within our facility, at The Rose; Medical and Aesthetic Centre.

At Face Forward, we specialise in faces – and in helping you put your best face forward. For many, that will involve the application of one or more of the following cosmetic services;

Active skin care
Medical microdermabrasion
Chemical peels
Injectable Wrinkle relaxers
Injectable Skin volumisers
Light based therapy photogenesis
Light based therapy titan

The cosmetic medical procedures are all minimally invasive solutions to the visible signs of stress, ageing, certain physiological conditions and environmental damage that can leave us looking tired, unwell and anxious – even when we’re not!

Used alone or in combination, such treatments can tighten, brighten and improve the texture of your skin, smooth out scars, stretch marks and wrinkles, control symptoms of acne and much, much more. Each is performed either by a medical practitioner or under strict medical supervision.

At Face Forward , the products we use are all clinically proven. Moreover, our staff are highly trained, empathic and discreet. Let us find the solutions that help you put your best faceforward.