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Pre-Teen Acne

On June 29, 2015

Pre-Teen Acne


Acne is starting to inflict younger & younger children now, with some clinicians reporting some children as young as 7 having the disease.  At the latest American Academy of Dermatology meeting there were new guidelines available for helping treat pre-teens, being the same principals of therapy for adolescent acne, highlighting this now recognised phenomena.

It is believed that with the earlier onset of puberty on the rise, the number of peadiatric acne or pre-teen acne cases is increasing at an alarming rate. Most cases are simple and relatively mild, and they should be treated with simple over the counter products, however to prevent worsening of the disease or scaring, getting the kids on appropriate acne management skin care is imperative. They don’t have to cost a lot, they just need to be effective and simple, and they have to be used.

Pre-teen acne is recognised as a pre-curser to more severe acne in adolescence, which can have a huge social impact upon a teenagers mental health and social interactions. Not to mention the worsening of their skin and their appearance. Puberty is lasting longer and longer these days, and helping teenagers, pre-teens through their acne phase is important.

If you would like to discuss your concerns with your skin and what maybe some simple and effective Acne treatments, call the dermal therapy team today for a consult – its free!

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